Sandra Chandler Photography

Artist Statement

I am a Curious traveler, a passionate photographer, a spirited designer, and a lover of color.

My photographs are poised between abstraction and realism creating colorful evocative images that capture the essence of that special place, person, and fleeting moment. I balance and harmonize between visual abstraction and realism.

I am entranced with the exhilaration of color; the thrill of experiencing shapes and form combined with color to design an exceptional image. Abstract color delights and ignites my imagination. Whether quietly monochromatic or loud and gaudy, I want COLOR to capture that fleeting moment. 

In my soul, I am a designer; everything in my life is viewed through this filter.  The more I look, the more I experience, the better I see.  As a photographer, I love the same things I do as an interior designer: color, composition, balance, texture, line, and scale. 

My personal vision is fulfilled when I select these elements and combine them with my unique style of organizing chaos into simplicity. 

I am a native San Franciscan in love with The City. This internationally picturesque city served as my launching pad igniting my curiosity for travel. Travel has always been a source of inspiration for my creativity. The world, a kaleidoscope, encircles me with color. I love travel that encourages fresh perspectives – viewpoints with the opportunity of seeing beyond myself.  I see with fresh eyes. 


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