She Changes

Chinese & Modern

Frilly Oral Arms - Purple Striped Sea Nettle

Diamond Dew

Open Plains

“Her images mesmerize as they educate, fascinate as they chronicle. Rarely does a body of artwork convey this much nuance and layering of formal and thematic content.”

Richard Speer
Art Critic/Curator

Salt custom limited edition hardbound book in clamshell with folio holding an original print and limited edition soft cover catalogues available.

Artist Statement

I thrill at minimalism evolving from complexity.

My design persona evolves as I select color and composition combining it with my vision of organizing clutter into my minimalism spirit. Photography encourages me to continuously re-evaluate my sense of style and design preferences. The wonders of color, composition, and texture continue to awaken my creativity.

I see the world through a design filter that encompasses my photography and interior design practices. Color and composition are integral parts of my design vocabulary. They encapsulate my spirit showing others the beauty and meanings of design.

The human eye constantly evolves. What captures my eye and interest has remained remarkably consistent. First and foremost, I see myself as a designer or more specifically, a passionate student of design.

Travel has always been a source of inspiration for my creativity. Providing a fresh viewpoint, I experience our world via color and design. Fresh ways of seeing, thinking and discovery comes from interacting with others. I have visited countries on six continents; I am actively interested in diverse world cultures and religions, international cuisines, Japanese gardens and aerial photography.

I am a mentor and a Curious lifelong learner. I must remember to practice getting out of my own way to see beyond the obvious.

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