Colder than Snow

This is equal to Salt and your talent for capturing the essence of Hokkaido is truly remarkable, and the images within are incredibly powerful.

As I delved into the pages of your book, I was captivated by the beauty and depth of your Hokkaido photographs. Each image tells a story and transports the viewer to the enchanting landscapes of Hokkaido. Your passion for this place shines through in every photograph, and I am truly in awe of your artistry.

While I also appreciate the beauty of your Portland Garden images, I must say that your Hokkaido images are a notch above. The way you have captured the essence of Hokkaido’s natural beauty is truly exceptional and has left a lasting impression on me.

Thank you once again for sharing your incredible work with me. Your book is a true masterpiece, and I feel privileged to have it in my collection. I look forward to revisiting its pages time and time again to immerse myself in the breathtaking beauty of Hokkaido.

Seth Resnick

Master Photographer, www.sethresnick.com

Celadon Interior

SALT, by photographer Sandra Chandler is a master class in the Japanese concept of “Mitate”; To See with New Eyes.

Her photographic perspectives on the salt evaporation basins of San Francisco remind us that we should never be complacent about how we see the world around us.  Seeing with new eyes can uncover beauty where once we thought none existed.

Chandler’s book gets to the core of artistic exploration, it causes us to rethink, reapproach the known and the mundane in a way that excites and evokes.

Her skill at capturing color, line, texture, man, and nature, all come together in a way that compels the viewer not only to rethink this interesting landscape, but to rethink each of our environments through different lenses every day.

Steve Bloom

Chief Executive Officer, Portland Japanese Garden — Japan Institute

Amber Interior

With Salt, Sandra Chandler designs a delicious taste of the intimate details of a special place even though she’s thousands of feet above it and we’re thousands of miles away from it.

John Paul Caponigro

Visual Artist, Writer and Mentor, Cushing, Maine

Coquelicot Interior

‘SALT is a story of the land and landscape’

Chandler’s explanation is spot on… juggling abstraction and realism, colour and texture in new ways of perception.

Sandra’s architectural photographs are amazing. Her compositions are wonderful. She brings a story to her compositions. I honestly think she is one of the best architectural photographers I’ve seen. She doesn’t just display the building she reveals its essence, and its context. This is deliberate. And it goes to how much care she taken in expressing these buildings.

Mark Kerrins

Architect Victoria, Australia

Pomegranate Interior

Sandy’s graphic design-oriented work is not only eye catching but it seemed much deeper defining her actual persona. By profession she is an interior designer and when she gets behind the camera, she composes images that appear to be tapestries.

Seth Resnick

Photographer, Florida

Coquelicot Interior

When Sandy first shared this body of images with me, I immediately saw the wholeness of it; I saw the deep knowledge and depth of experience that Sandy brought to the work that came from her life as an interior designer. I saw an intelligent use of space and pattern; I saw great geometrics; I saw unusual but rich color choices. In other words, I walked into her world. And what a world it is! 

Sandy brought all of herself to her work and responded in an authentic, exciting way. There is nothing more that a seeking photographer can do to create meaningful work. 

Keron Psillas

Photographer, Writer, and Mentor, Portugal

Striking Salt Interior

Thank you for sharing your new book ‘Salt’. I love the cover; it is very graphic with delicious color and design. Such a fantastic collection of abstract designs. What a perfect subject for exploring shapes, lines, and color. 

Richard Martin

Photographer, Ontario, Canada

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